I Needed Help Getting out of a Situation That I Could Not Fix

I’ve had trouble with my wife for many years. She spends so much money that I found myself and our child eating nothing but Ramen noodles or rice on many occasions because my wife spent almost everything that I earned. I did what I felt was the right thing for many years in trying to fix the situation, but it wasn’t enough. I finally contacted Eric M. Willie, P.C. Austin TX Divorce Attorney when I learned that she was stealing from the family business to support her shopping habits. It has been nothing short of heartbreaking to realize that she has a problem that cannot be fixed, and that I need to get myself and our child out of the situation before it gets worse. I was in denial about all of it for too many years.

When I met my wife, I thought the world of her. I knew instantly that she was the one for me. I had always heard people say that you just know, and that was true for me. She said the same was true for her, too. She said that, as soon as she got home after our first date, that she told her mother that she 100 percent knew that she would marry me one day. What I wish I would have had; however, was the forsight to see that my wife had a lot of problems and addictions and that they would one day cause financial ruin for me.

When I first learned of my wife’s troubles, I thought we could overcome them. I was wrong. I tried to fix things, but you can’t fix someone who has zero interest in being helped. Getting a divorce attorney did help me. It helped me save money in the long run because he helped me get out of a horrible marriage.